A list of current projects being built. Most are Open Source.

Data Theory

A project to build algorithms and data structures in JavaScript. Both for self learning, and sharing with others.


  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Future WIP Operational Transformation Theory

Coding Snippets

A repository of algorithms, and challenge answers... Various snippets from projects for research or fun. Browse for inspiration or specific needs.


  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Common Taks
  • Programming a Teenager
  • Other Fun Projects


This is plugin that I wrote for cloud9. It allows you to toggle color codes to be highlighed by their color in the editor.


  • Color codes highlighted by their real color
  • Toggle pigments on and off
  • Generate a report of color codes in in a single file (Opens new file)


This is a plugin that I wrote for cloud9 that allows you to print the current document.


  • It Prints


This is plugin that I wrote for cloud9. It allows you to run a desktop environment inside of the cloud IDE


  • NoVNC Desktop
  • Open Desktop In Tab
  • Full Desktop Usage

Realtime Chat using RethinkDB

This is a simple example live chat built using RethinkDB and Twitter bootstrap.


  • Realtime Chat
  • Pulls last 100 messages from server
  • Realtime Presence
  • Set your username
  • Uses Socket.IO
  • It's pretty

The Unrestricted Coding Editor

This was the first project I undertook for Unrestricted Coding. It was a fully client side javascript based code editor. It has a HTML/CSS/JavaScript Mode, a Markdown Mode, and a Python Mode.


  • Realtime Preview (See results as you type)
  • HTML/CSS/JS Preview
  • Markdown Preview
  • Zen Mode (Full Screen Editor)(Music Optional)
  • Download your Code
  • Include your favorite libraries
  • Toggle Live Preview
  • Fully Functional Code Editors

Social Partial for Jekyll

This is a small stand alone partial include for Jekyll. It allows you to integrate twitter cards and facebook social graph components through your frontmatter configuration. It's very easy to use, small, and works well.


  • Adds Facebook Open Graph
  • Adds Twitter Cards
  • Controls Meta Descriptions and Keyword