Two New Projects! Data Theory and Snippets.

I am starting to go back and work on more algorithms and data theory. These two repos will hold my knowledge and tests.

Two New Projects! Data Theory and Snippets.


Well hello there! Long time no see. If you have browsed around the site a bit you will notice quite a bit of change since the last time I posted. This is because 10k Softworks fell through. I didn’t have enough time to devote to it, and my interests and research has shifted away from video games.

I am trying to focus myself in my home of computer science and data. To do this I am doing some extensive research in collaboration theory such as Operational Transformation. I find I enjoy learning a lot, and really miss it from my college days. Thus I am considering going back to school to get my Masters in Computer Science.

During this time I have created two separate repositories:

Data Theory

This first repository is going to be a reference repository of data types and algorithms implemented in JavaScript. Why JavaScript? Cause it’s easy, I like the syntax, and I have a background in front end engineering. (NodeJS is like my juliet). Currently the repo has sorting algorithms and an outline for different types of data structures.

Later I’ll be adding other algorithms like shortest path, graphing, parsing, etc…

I’ll also be using this repo as a temporary home for my operational transformation algorithms and information. Eventually splitting it off to be it’s own repository.

Code Snippets

This second repository is a catch all of different algorithms and snippets of code that I have written over time. You will find everything from my submissions to code challenges all the way to something quirky and different like me programming a teenager. (A joke algorithm :P )

This is in a very informal repo, and additions are always welcome.


I am working on some pretty big contributions for and to add OT pair programming to the ide and the backbone. However I think that time wise these contributions will happen mid or late next year, so that I have time to fully research and develop the best algorithms I can for these issues.

Other News

My daughter is now 2 months away from being 2 years old. Zoh My Gosh how time flies…

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