Site Updates, Games, Projects, and More!

I have been really busy. There are lots of site changes, I am making some games, and I have some new projects.

Site Updates, Games, Projects, and More!

Hello, There!

No doubt that you have probably noticed a lot of change here on the site. (“Or maybe you didn’t???? SHAME ON YOU”). It is very true that I have been extremely busy recently. So much has happened to me this year that it has been pretty crazy. I will outline some changes here below, and hopefully touch base on some projects.

The Site

One of the biggest and most visible changes is the website here. I have changed the focus and direction of the site. While the original purpose and core belief is still alive and well, it will be contained to the url /book/. I’ve grown fond of the name Unrestricted Coding, and it means more to me than just a community of programmers and a really long book. I wanted to transform it into the base site for all my operations and personal projects. Whether it is for coding, games, projects, and other things. I wanted the platform to be more than it was. So I updated the site and information to do it. I also took away the access wall to the book. You don’t have to sign up for a beta to see it’s progress anymore (If you can call what is there, progress…).

The Book

The book is still a very high priority project for me, however it isn’t the highest priority of mine. I understand how much of a time cost it is, and have positioned it as a long term project. I still would love the communities help in writing it, but I am in no rush to complete it. I want it to be good, helpful, and well written. There is more information about the book on its page now, and it isn’t just a random list of chapters anymore.

Cloud9 (Biggest disappointment of the year)

Probably the biggest thing that has happened this year is my sad realization that cloud9 was what I thought it to be. Now don’t get me wrong, cloud9 is an excellent platform for creating things. It is a great resource for open source developers, however their “open source” SDK is really just “view source”. I tried to use it for a personal project and it was shot down pretty quickly. It may be that I never sat down and took the time to read the TOS and license on it, but being a public repo on Github I had expected it to be open source. So instead of using it I now use Eclipse Che which you can find out more information here:

I will slowly be removing any references to cloud9 on my site, as I just can’t support them anymore for personal reasons. If anyone at cloud9 reads this and wants to talk more let me know, but I’ve pretty much made up my mind.

In addition to that I will soon announce that I won’t be supporting any plugins that I made for cloud9. Sad Days indeed. But hey, I’m working on plugins for Eclipse CHE!!!


I’ve fallen in love with a maiden called Meteor. As a JavaScript full stack solution, I can’t really say enough about Meteor. I have adopted it at my main place of work as our primary web application framework, and haven’t regretted it a single bit. I’ve had some of the most rapid javascript and web app development of my life using Meteor, and it just keeps getting better. Community support is great, the galaxy is awesome, and I just really love JavaScript. For more on Meteor check out this link:


There has always been a thought at the back of my mind. Let’s make a game. I’ve done it before (The Machine Wars, World Wide Conflict, The Cold Wars), but those were old school php based browser games. I’m now in full swing development on a few mobile games, and am super excited about them. I’ve decided to use Unity as the game engine, and either GameSparks or Playfab as the back end server/service. I’m currently drawing up wireframes and looking for graphic artists who are interested in working with me. If interested, contact me! (link at bottom of site.)


I had several starts of the community, discourse, slack, and so on. However those have some barrier to entry for the average joe. So I have moved the community to Facebook, and you can easily join by going here. Nothing fancy, just a place to talk coding, hang out, and have fun. Currently I am the only person to post in it, but hey. If you make a group on Facebook, they will come… right???


There are a few things I have done that I haven’t posted to github yet, and a few projects that are stale. I need to go in and update those projects, and make things more organized. The main projects for me are my games, but I’ll update the project page soon.


Things have been busy, and I am just going to be more busy. Keep an eye out as stuff continues to grow here, and join the Facebook community if you get a chance.

About The Author:

Shannon Duncan

Shannon Duncan is the Founder and Author at Unrestricted Coding. He mentors and teaches people of all ages how to code and enjoy the art of programming. Find him on twitter, linked-in, and github.