Top 7 Free Icon Font Libraries

All that juicy designing goodness at your fingertips.

So you want to use icons do you?

Yes you do! Icon font libraries can be some of the best tools you can ever get for front end design. You can say goodbye to images upon images upon images of icons. These easy to use and simple font icon libraries give you the same power for less.

Why use an icon font library?

Icon font libraries are built solely in CSS. When you need an icon for a button, you can just call the correct HTML and CSS tag/class and get it inline right there. Since they are fonts, you can style them like fonts. You can change the color, size, the decoration, and anything else your mind can desire.

Icon fonts are also a lot faster than traditional image icons.

Ok that is cool, now show me the goodies!

1. Font Awesome

Number one on our list is Font Awesome. It was originally designed and created for the Twitter Bootstrap HTML/CSS framework, but was later replaced by Glyphicons. Font Awesome still remains as one of the largest icon libraries out there at 585 icons currently.

2. Glyphicons

Number two on our list is Glyphicons. Glyphicons has a couple of versions of their font sets out there. However there are two ways to get them for free. One is at their site and the other is at Bootstrap. This is a great set of icons, and this set is the one that is used on Unrestricted Coding.

3. Foundation

Number three on the list is the Foundation set of icons. Foundation has a collection of 283 font icons at this time. It is a good set, and can provide you with several alternatives to the others out there. It comes as a standalone version or as part of the Foundaiton HTML/CSS framework.

4. IcoMoon

IcoMoon is a huge library of icons use by companies like Microsoft, Google, and others. They advertise over 4000+ free svg icons. They offer both font icons and svg “Sprite” based icons.

5. IonIcons

IonIcons is one of the coolest libraries of icons out there. They have a ton of icons that were build for the ionic framework. The ionic framework is an HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework for building mobile apps to deploy to the iOS App store or others (Google Play). It is extremly fast, and has some absolutely gorgeous icons.

6. Material

Leave it up to good Ol’ Google to come out with something cool like this. If you aren’t familiar with Google’s Material Design concept, you should really get out there and research it. Google is setting a standard for good or bad to user experience design. These handy little icons are part of that standard and methodology. Enjoy!

7. Octicons

Now this is pretty cool. Github has released the icons that they personally used to build GitHub’s user interface. This means you get access to their set of hand crafted awesomness. If it is good enough for a giant like Github then it should be good enough for someone else right?

Have you used any of these icon libraries? How was the experience? Share your feedback with us in the comment section below!