Book Design & Todo List

A page dedicated to the layout and design of both the book and its content

1.0 Orginzation

The book will be setup and organized in an organized fashion... How's that for repitition??? Ok but seriously I need to setup guidelines and the outline of how the book will function. To do this then I need to setup this document.

1.1 Books

The main book will be broken down into sub books. Normally these would be called sections with chapters in them... However, each one of these is going to be the size of a normal book. With possibly 20+ chapters in each one. Each book will focus on a main subject, similar to a college course. It will go into detail and depth into each subject to prepare the reader for the ability to take a coding job after finishing the books and challenges.

1.2 Chapters

Each book will contain a set number of chapters. These chapters should begin with easier concepts and foundational information, and progress to more complicated and indepth information later in the book.

1.3 Challenges

Each book will have a set number of challenges in it. These will be mini projects and will allow readers to practice the skills they have just learned about.

1.4 Interactive Examples

Each chapter will have interactive examples within it's text. These are to reinforce the subject matter just covered in a previous paragraph for section. Less complicated and less detailed than book challenges.

1.5 Videos

After each book is written, I will go back and make videos and blog posts for each chapter. These are to help readers who need visual feedback and information to learn.

1.6 Projects

After a few books, there will be larger projects. These would be considered capstone projects for a college degree. These are very detailed, and give little instructions. A reader should use information gained from the previous books to attempt and complete these projects. Example end results will be posted to github for readers to reference if needed.

2.0 The List

This is a list of the books and the state of their contents...

2.1 - What Is This?

Todo Outline:
Description: An intro book to discuss how to use all of the sections, and why I am doing this.


Status Description
Why Am I Writing This Massive Book?
Lesson 1: Using The Book
Lesson 2: Components of The Book
Lesson 3: Getting Help
Lesson 4: Get Involved


Status Description
Post A Tweet
Make A Contribution


Status Description
Figure Out What to Record

2.2 - Tools?

Todo Outline:
Description: An book to grab all necessary tools needed for all the books.


Status Description
Lesson 1: Cloud9
Lesson 2: Text Editor
Lesson 3: Linux
Lesson 4: Eclipse Che
Lesson 5: NodeJS
More to Come....


Status Description
Create account at Cloud9
Install a Text Editor
Get access to a linux box
Setup Other Tools...


Status Description
Figure Out What to Record