So Just Who Am I?

Well I could start with my name, I guess...

My Name Is Shannon Duncan

And I am an extreme geek...


A well experienced programmer of many languages. I tend to enjoy solving challenges, and making use of turn key technologies. One of my favorite projects has been researching Operational Transformation algorithms for use in collaborative software.

I have been in the coding industry for over 15 years and have worked with a myriad of technologies including: unix, windows, php, javascript, nodejs, mysql, html, css, scss, sass, mongodb, mssql, .net, c#, java, and a lot more.

I am always up to work on an open source project, so if you have an idea then hit me up.

My Experience

Programming & Development Manager

Arkansas Federal Credit Union July 2015 to Present
Jacksonville, Arkansas

  • Oversee and utilize the System Development Life Cycle
  • Lead staff to conceptualize complex and robust infrastructures
  • Ensure comprehension of project business purpose
  • Ensure stability, scalability, and performance of development solutions
  • Ensure development solutions align with the project requirements
  • Ensure accurate development timelines are provide
  • Review Code for use of best practice and solid security
  • Lead staff to execute effective and efficient solutions
  • Effectively plan, prioritize, and manage development initiatives
  • Lead or serve as a resource on project teams
  • Manage program development staff. (Hiring, supervision, scheduling, professional development,e valuation, recognition, time keeping, and disciplinary actions)
  • Provide training, mentoring and coaching to staff
  • Create and publish standards, processes and best practice documents
  • Meteor Development


Designed by Duncan October 2016 to Present
Conway, Arkansas

  • Website development and Design
  • UI/UX Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Meteor Development

Programmer Expert

HackHands April 2015 to June 2016
Conway, Arkansas

  • Teach and Mentor Programming

Owner / CEO

Paperless Creations March 2014 to April 2016
Conway, Arkansas

  • Manage Hosting Clients Needs and Wants
  • Create and Customize Wordpress Sites
  • Build and Manage Enterprise Servers
  • Setup and Maintain CloudFlare Railgun
  • Create and publish standards, processes, and best practices documents to improve management of all service areas
  • Responsible for staying up-to-date with emerging industry/technology trends
  • Conceptualize and implement new business ideas and trends
  • Successfully started a company on $50.00 USD

Programmer Analyst II

Arkansas Federal Credit Union June 2014 to July 2015
Jacksonville, Arkansas

  • Build NodeJS applications
  • Built Universal API
  • Manage SQL Server 2008 Boxes (3)
  • Manage Multiple Windows Servers (5)
  • Manage Multiple Linux Servers (Centos, Ubuntu)
  • Manage IBM DB2 Server
  • Build Rich C# Applications
  • Build Rich ASP.NET Applications
  • Build Rich Java Applications
  • Fiserv APEX(SOAP API) integration
  • PSCU Data Exchange integration (REST API)
  • Infragistics / Telerik / DevExpress Development
  • HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3, Bootstrap Development
  • UI and UX Design
  • Infrastructure Design, Implementation, and Maintenance
  • Code Versioning, Source Control, and Documentation
  • Experience with redis, mongodb, expressjs, docker

Programmer Analyst I

Arkansas Federal Credit Union August 2013 to June 2015
Jacksonville, Arkansas

  • Manage SQL Server 2008 Boxes (3)
  • Manage IBM DB2 Server
  • Build Rich C# Applications
  • Build Rich ASP.NET Applications
  • Build Rich Java Applications
  • Fiserv APEX integration

Database Analyst

Arkansas Federal Credit Union January 2013 to August 2013
Jacksonville, Arkansas

  • Managed SQL Server 2008 Box
  • Managed IBM DB2 Server
  • Managed SAP Business Intelligence Server
  • Created SAP Crystal Reports
  • Created SAP Webi Reports
  • Created SAP Dashboards
  • Built complex SQL queries
  • Designed and maintained automated processes to integrate with Fiserv XP2


Veterns Affairs Septmeber 2011 to December 2012
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

  • Tutored in Database Structures dealing with Trees, Lists, Queues, Stacks, and Hash Tables.
  • Tutoring in Algorithms Analysis dealing with Graphs, Summations, Big O Analysis.

Multi-Media Technician Assistant

Henderson State University December 2010 to December 2012
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

  • Conceptualized, Constructed, and Maintained a database for the whole department.
  • Managed computer networks.
  • Revitalized classroom multimedia.
  • Encouraged customer service with faculty members.
  • Expedited problem solving issues in and out of the classroom.
  • Collaborated with management and other campus technicians.
  • Achieved the ability to learn about new products and new technologies as they come out and apply them to the needs of the classroom environment.

Web and Graphics Freelancer

Freelance September 2000 to December 2010

  • Designed and constructed websites and promotional media for clients.
  • Restructured and expanded existing websites.
  • Achieved proficiency with common website and server languages.

My Relevant Coursework

Computer Science

Algorithms Analysis
Data Structures in Java
Operation Systems
Computer Orginzations
Intel Assemby
Database Theory
Systems Analysis & Design
Problem Solving and Program Design in C


Accounting A & B
Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
Business Statistics
Management Communications
Fundamentas of Marketing
Business Finance
Operations Management
Strategic Management
Legal Environment of Business


College Algebra
Plane Trigonometry
Calculus I
Calculus II
Descrete Math

My Education

Henderson State University

Bachelor of Science (B.S), Business Information Systems 2008 to 2012

A wonderful experience. I started out as Computer Science, but I've done computers my whole life. So I switched to BIS in order to make myself a better rounded person. No I know computer science AND business!

  • HSU Band
  • Wesley Foundation
  • Computer Science Club
  • Brass Choir

Russellville Area Vocational-Technical Career Center

Computer Engineering and Networking 2006 to 2008

Worked with building, repairing, designing, and troubleshooting computer systems. Specialized in Cisco certification preparation studies. Used knowledge provided by the A+ certification field of study, and became proficient in building and maintaining computers.

  • Cisco Certification Traing
  • A+ Certification Training

Pottsville High School

High School Diploma -- to 2008


  • --

Other Training

Operational Transformation & Collaboration Systems

Self Training by reading research papers and published articles. Goal is to become an expert on collaborative systems.

Algorithms, OT, Collaboration, Collaboration in Computer Software, Acedemic


Completing a multitude of challenges on HackerRank in several domains.

Algorithms, Data Structures,

Advanced SQL Development

Self Training on SQL Procedures and Functions

SQL, Procedures, Functions, SSMS


Full Course training through Pluralsight on NodeJS

JavaScript, NodeJS, CLI, NPM

APEX Training

Training on a proprietary SOAP API and SDK


Infocomm Academy

Multimedia Design and Implementation class and certificate. Basically went over science and tech for audio, visual, and audio visual systems.

Audio Visual Systems


Operational Transformation Research

This is a project for me to get in depth and learn everything regarding OT. I'm reading through 60+ acedemic level research papers, and a book I put together of resources. At the end of this project I'll become a reliable source on collaboration theory.

Skills: Algorithms, Research

Eclipse Che - Pair Programming

Using my research in OT I am working with the Eclipse Foundation to incorporate pair programming in Eclipse Che and the Eclipse IDE.

Skills: Algorithms, OT, Collaboration Theory, Java

Data Theory Repo

This project is a way for me to keep myself refreshed of data theory and science. From sorting algorithms to data structures like stacks, queues, and hash tables. I'm recreating it all in JavaScript.

Skills: Algorithms, JavaScript

Credit Bureau Parser

A C# program that parses the Metro 2 format for reporting to Credit Bureau's. Use was to extract information, fix it, and regenerate the file.

Skills: C#

Realtime Board System

A meteor application that allows board members to login, read agendas, comment, chat in real time, and vote in realtime. The program uses an intuitive drag and drop builder for creating an agenda, and all data changes are displayed on the application in real time.

Skills: Meteor, Realtime, HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS, CSS, MongoDB

Supplemental Health Insurance Program

A ASP.NET application that managed the entire health care claim and reimbursement system for AFCU. Allowed you to upload reciepts, claim forms, and get they processed. Featured both a client side and an admin only portal.

Skills: C#, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL

Loan Participations

Built a system to extend Fiserv's XP2 Core Processing System. This system took a pool of autoloans and created system records to track and apply payments for participating out the pool. It used APEX to connect to the core, modify loan records, and create tracking records in it's own system.

Skills: C#, ASP.NET, SDK/API, SOAP, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, WPF, HTML/CSS/JS

Employee Suggestions

I built a Stack Overflow style employee suggestion portal for AFCU. Allows suggestions to be submitted, filed, added as tasks, and reported on.

Skills: C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, HTML/CSS/JS

Sweep Job

This is a C# Batch program that runs every night to sweep 90% of funds into a proceeds account and 10% of funds into a holding account,

Skills: C#

Globally Remove Stop Code

This is a program that when given a stop code it will completely remove it from our core system (Fiserv XP2) including any occurrances of it being used.

Skills: C#, APEX, SOAP, API

Cloud9 Plugins

I have written several plugins for the cloud9 system ( such as pigment displays, a full desktop session through browser, and a printing function. Written using NodeJS.

Skills: Plugin Development, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SDK

Prime Alliance to FICS

This is a python program that reads all xml files in a folder, converts the needed information in them to a csv, and then moves the new csv into a folder to prepare for import. This was used to automatically migrate data from one system to another.

Skills: XML, CSV, Python, Data

Password Expires

Checks all Domain Users and see's if their password is expired or going to expire within 10 days. If it is then it sends an email informing them.

Skills: LDAP, Active Directory, C#, Exchange Server

Corp Password Cracker

Checks to see if any encrypted passwords in DB uses low security passwords.

Skills: Python, Rainbow Tables, Sha256, Sha512, MD5

Convert VS XML to Markdown

Converts Visual Studio XML to Markdown. For use in Github.

Skills: C#

Domain Finder

Finds Domains associated to a company. For the use in penetration testing. (Edge testing)(passive test)

Skills: Python, API, Pentesting